Are you new here?

Good evening world.

I recently came home from a emotionally draining, thought provoking day of work and caught myself thinking “The world needs more Noodles.” Contemplation of narcissism and half a bottle of Pinot later, here we are.

There is no denying that I am self indulgent. There is no denying that I may sometimes be too passionate for my own good. I make decisions on a whim and I have extremely romantic ideals. At the same time, I take things with a grain of salt, and laugh at every joke I hear- Including my own! (which are HILARIOUS!!!! – Oh shhhh….)

I have had a longtime love affair with fashion and style which began at the ripe age of 6. Growing up with a father in the fashion industry, I caught the fever early. Today, I find myself exercising my creativity while following trends new and old, adapting my own personal style which is constantly evolving.

Home decor has also been a strange ongoing fetish of mine ever since I had a quick stint at Restoration Hardware when I was 17 years old. Give me a room, I’ll tear it apart and put it right back together.

I LOVE the city I live in although it does not always love me back. I love how you can walk for two blocks, and somehow feel like you’ve just ended up in a different country. I love the culture. I love the diversity. I love how after 24 years, I can still be a tourist in the city I’ve called home for my entire life. I love this city so much but sometimes I really just need to get away….Right now, more than ever before… Which is what led me to writing this blog.

I will not get ahead of myself.
To sum things up: I am Noodles. Expect fashion. Expect food. Expect entertainment. Expect style. Expect relationships. Expect a look into the life of a lady who is not defined by what she DOES, but by WHO she is.

WHOA… I just had a Deja Vu… WEIRD!


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