She Does The City

Ever have one of those nights where you tell yourself, “I’m just gonna take it easy tonight” ?? Often, those nights end up being the most crazy, fun filled, and adventurous nights!

Last week, I had the privilege of going out with one of my oldest and dearest friend who has recently moved to Toronto from Montreal. We started off the night with no plan- just two fabulous ladies ready to take on the city (or did the city take on us ???). We followed the night to three different Toronto hotspots, each unique and a stunningly good time in their own way.

1. THE BEACONSFIELD – 1154 Queen Street West

After hopping in a cab from the Annex to start our night, it seemed like a no brainer to grab a late dinner on Queen West. Upon entrance, The Beaconsfield offers a warm yet edgey atmosphere. With black moulding walls and antique mismatched chandeliers, there is something so familiar about this spot. After much deliberation (this menu is HUGE!) we order a bottle of Riesling and each order the Herbivore Burger. This could quite possibly have been the best veggie burger I have ever eaten in my life (and as a vegetarian for 8 years, I have had my share- believe me). Not only was the burger just delicious, the meal also came with a good sized salad and fries! This is my kind of restaurant – great spot to grab a casual bite to eat with some friends! We were both very satisfied, but still had a hunger to party! We plotted out next move, and headed out, just as the drinks crew started to fill up the joint.
*P.S. The Beaconsfield boasts a patio in the summer that is just TDF!!! Also they are home to top 5 best Mac and Cheese in the city – according to BlogTO

2. REPOSADO TEQUILLA BAR – 136 Ossington Ave

After dinner, L.J. and I made the inevitable move to Reposado- a tequilla bar that both of us had been to before but were dying to go back to. Tequilla+Jazz Band+Twinkly Patio = Yes please!!! Immediately, I ordered the drink that had been haunting my dreams since the first time I was at Reposado, 6 months ago. The Hot Ruby is Habenero infused tequilla, with strawberry juice and a splash of sprite!!!! Spicy, sweet and tequillay!!!!! Best drink i’ve ever had. EVER!!!! I must admit, it was a bit difficult to order my drink, due to the narrow area behind the bar- I would recommend getting there a bit early, before 11 for sure.
After a quick break on the stunning twinkly botanical patio, we came back inside ordered another drink (This time a Tequilla cesar for me YUM) before heading off on our next adventure.

3. TWO CATS – 569 King Street West

Finally we got to my favorite part of the evening – DANCING!!! I was a little skeptical of this place in all honesty… Probably because I tend to be a bit of a club rat when it comes to partying. However, Two Cats has something for everyone. A fairly decent sized bar with a big dance floor, there is no way to stop yourself from dancing your face off here!!!!! This bangin hidden gem was blasting tunes from the 60’s all the way to current (ish) hits and everything in between (classic rock, 80s punk, 90s grunge…etc etc). The crowd was great and a good time was had by all!

Moral of the story- What a night!
Homework- Go to every one of these places. For best results hit them all up in the same night! You will not be disappointed 🙂


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