Transitional Dressing

Hey Pals,

As you all must know, I oddly love the awkward period that falls in between seasons. That being said, there is nothing more important than knowing how to dress during this weird transitional time… IT IS SO CONFUSING! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent throwing clothes onto my floor and in turn, being late, because the weather is just so….. “Is it warm??” “Is it cold?” “Can I pull out my spring jacket? Do I even need a jacket?” “Do I dare start wearing my cut offs yet????”

These are all very important, pressing questions and if you don’t know the answers, it can take you hours to decide on your outfit in the morning.

Well, I’m here to help. Since it’s still quite chilly here in the T Dot, layers are key. You will be pleased to learn that at this point, you MAY retire your winter jacket as we all know that everyone is sick and tired of shlepping that thing around!!! 


Club Monaco blouse, Vintage Havana sweater, Zara pants, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Nordstrom BP necklace

This outfit, with a light camo jacket and a pair of wedged sneakers was perfect to get me through a chilly early spring day.

To survive this awkward time, these are some essential items you must covet:

1. A plain white silky blouse to wear under sweaters or on their own. When it starts getting a bit warmer, pair with cut offs and lace up combat boots (or wedge sneakers).

2. A green/khaki camo type jacket. Light yet does the trick on those chillier days.

3. Wedge sneakers- Wear with dresses/shorts before its hot enough for sandals

4. Bright coloured scarves- my favourite colours of the season are bright yellow and seafoam green. These colours will add a fresh springy vibe to any outfit! 

5. Jewellery. Lots and lots of jewellery. Duh. – this goes for any season! You can never be wearing too many rings. And never underestimate the power of some good arm candy (I just picked up some amazing pieces from Nordstrom BP while I was in Delray Beach, FL).




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