Weekly Wishlist

I often spend my days fantasizing about all the pieces that I will spend my hard earned money on when I inevitably go shopping after I’m through at work. Although some may say that I have a slight addiction, I see it as merely a means of self expression as well as a way of channeling my creativity.

The following is a list of my current obsessions. Receipt of these items will be confirmed at a later date.

1. Sweet Summer Sundress


2. Printed Denim


3. Statement Sunnies


4. Electric Pink Lips

s1304724-main-hero5. JT – The 20/20 Experience


Pusher Lover Girl is currently on heavy heavy rotation on my stereo. I simply cannot get enough of this track! I can’t wait to check out the rest of the album!

6. Clear Handbag

ccsky4014712867_q1_1-0_336x5967. Floral Crown


8. Metallic Wedge Sneakers


9. Wang Diego Bucket


10. You’ve Got More Issues Than Vogue T-shirt


You can pick up this t shirt plus MORE fabulous swag at http://www.supercalafashionistic.com !!!


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