Extinction of the Awkward

     You’re 13. You have braces. The state of your hair is beyond your control so much so that it requires its own zip code. You think that t shirts with the logo “Cutie Pie” are high fashion, and you pair them with trendy brand name velour sweatpants stolen from your older sisters closet.
       Ladies and gentlemen, I have just described what was the reality of my adolescence.  Although my awkward phase may have lasted a tad longer than that of most people’s, most of my close friends resembled something of this description. Baby pudge and braces with no idea how to style your own hair or anything else.
Me on the far left. Oy.

Me on the far left. Oy.

       Now, being a teacher, I am exposed to children of all ages. One thing I’ve noticed is that children’s styles have gotten increasingly better over the years. Pre teens are now more than ever concerned about keeping up with ADULT trends and maintaining their vanity. It wasn’t until today that i finally took a look around and thought to myself “Where the hell are all the chubby awkward kids with acne and braces??”
       Has our gene pool evolved to become a better looking society?? Perhaps it is the invention of advanced heated hair styling tools. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that Aritzia manufactures their clothing in size triple extra small…..
       When it comes down to it, we all know that society is the one to blame for the extinction of the awkward. We are a culture obsessed with looks, and it is no secret to anyone that what is beautiful is defined by the unrealistic expectations of pop culture. The pressure to achieve these expectations is a harsh reality that girls face almost as soon as they’re in elementary school. While I know I can’t change society and how these crazy kids are brought up, I hope that this is all just a phase. All I can say is that in the future, I hope to see more chubby brace face oily haired kids that are so awkward it just makes you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

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