DIY: Flower Crown


What You Will Need

ImageArtificial flowers, floral wire, floral tape, bright coloured ribbon, hot glue gun

How To DIY

  1. Cut 2 pieces of floral wire the size of the circumference of your head plus 6 inches
  2. Twist pieces together to make a thicker wire
  3. Make a circle with the wire
  4. Wrap the floral tape all around the wires, then hide the not so pretty look of the floral tape by wrapping your prettier ribbon around. Use your hot glue at the beginning and end of wrapping to secure the ribbon. This is the base of the crown.
  5. Hot glue floral wire to your flowers and let dry
  6. Use your creativity to attach your flowers to the base of your crown using any design you’d like
  7. Secure some loose flowers with hot glue
  8. Wear your crown and be fabulous at music festivals, concerts and generally in life!






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