DIY: Flower Crown


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Weekly Wishlist

I often spend my days fantasizing about all the pieces that I will spend my hard earned money on when I inevitably go shopping after I’m through at work. Although some may say that I have a slight addiction, I see it as merely a means of self expression as well as a way of channeling my creativity.

The following is a list of my current obsessions. Receipt of these items will be confirmed at a later date.

1. Sweet Summer Sundress

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Singing for Spring!!!!

Greetings world! I am back and ready to blog!!


The past year has been a whirlwind of ups and downs- one of the best years of my life however not without many challenges to overcome. But enough on that.

I’ve been very inspired as of late, and I have a funny feeling it has to do with the changing of seasons. It may sound odd, but I love that transitional period of time that falls in between seasons. Something about the anticipation… and standing by as winter slowly turns to spring. That eagerness that soon you will be sitting on a sunny patio and strolling the streets sans a heavy, burdening coat. Although it is still quite chilly here in Toronto (bordering 10-12 degrees celsius), theres something comforting and hopeful about the the anticipation of the sunny spring days to come. I can’t wait to be overwhelmed by the delicious smell of fresh blooming flowers! Most of all, I can’t wait to start entertaining the thought of wearing that sundress that has been sitting in my closet, calling my name, just BEGGING to be worn.

Wish I were here. In Paris.... Sigh.

Wish I were here. In Paris…. Sigh.

Keep watching my blog this season because I have lots to share!!!

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Are you new here?

Good evening world.

I recently came home from a emotionally draining, thought provoking day of work and caught myself thinking “The world needs more Noodles.” Contemplation of narcissism and half a bottle of Pinot later, here we are.

There is no denying that I am self indulgent. There is no denying that I may sometimes be too passionate for my own good. I make decisions on a whim and I have extremely romantic ideals. At the same time, I take things with a grain of salt, and laugh at every joke I hear- Including my own! (which are HILARIOUS!!!! – Oh shhhh….)

I have had a longtime love affair with fashion and style which began at the ripe age of 6. Growing up with a father in the fashion industry, I caught the fever early. Today, I find myself exercising my creativity while following trends new and old, adapting my own personal style which is constantly evolving.

Home decor has also been a strange ongoing fetish of mine ever since I had a quick stint at Restoration Hardware when I was 17 years old. Give me a room, I’ll tear it apart and put it right back together.

I LOVE the city I live in although it does not always love me back. I love how you can walk for two blocks, and somehow feel like you’ve just ended up in a different country. I love the culture. I love the diversity. I love how after 24 years, I can still be a tourist in the city I’ve called home for my entire life. I love this city so much but sometimes I really just need to get away….Right now, more than ever before… Which is what led me to writing this blog.

I will not get ahead of myself.
To sum things up: I am Noodles. Expect fashion. Expect food. Expect entertainment. Expect style. Expect relationships. Expect a look into the life of a lady who is not defined by what she DOES, but by WHO she is.

WHOA… I just had a Deja Vu… WEIRD!