Tomboy Shirts and Ballet Skirts


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Just Another Crafty Day

Today I completed another DIY project, again, inspired by summer music festivals: Floral sunnies! I had so much fun crafting outside in the beautiful spring weather, I just could not stop myself from making 3 pairs! (plus some more flower crowns). Making these are so simple. All you’ll need are some flower embellishments (I got all of mine at Michaels), your trusty glue gun, and to find an old pair of sunnies lying around the house, (or get a cheap pair from Claire’s or something of the sort). Results are best when crafted outside 🙂

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Weekly Wishlist

I often spend my days fantasizing about all the pieces that I will spend my hard earned money on when I inevitably go shopping after I’m through at work. Although some may say that I have a slight addiction, I see it as merely a means of self expression as well as a way of channeling my creativity.

The following is a list of my current obsessions. Receipt of these items will be confirmed at a later date.

1. Sweet Summer Sundress

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